Rave Reviews for The Book!

“Highly recommended and possibly one day the book that will be regarded as the seminal tome for examining the smoking habit for what it really is.”

“The real truth behind Nicotine, and the NRT industry is here. Whether you’re attempting to quit smoking, or are just interested in the topic, this will open your eyes. Brilliant.”

These are direct quotes from two reviews of Nicotine: The Drug That Never Was, posted on Amazon.co.uk recently.  I don’t know either of these people, so you can imagine how delighted I am to hear my work spoken of in such terms.  The top quote is – according to Amazon – from a guy in Brisbane, Australia.  It’s a wonderful enough thought that someone on the other side of the world even has a copy of my book, let alone thinks it could become “the seminal tome” where smoking is concerned… heady stuff, eh?

If you want to read the rest of their comments, you can see the full reviews for yourself at Amazon.co.uk (not .com, that’s a different site) using the book title to search.  When the book’s page comes up, you will see that somewhere amid the blurb it states: “2 customer reviews”.  Click on that and read what people who have actually read the book – and have no connection with me whatsoever – thought of it.

Why Bother?

Well, do you smoke?  Do you know anyone who smokes?  Every smoker in the world is being lied to, systematically, and the book proves it beyond doubt.  No wonder smokers find it hard to quit when the methods they are told to use are useless, and based on a lie.  Most of them could quit easily with hypnotherapy, but medical authorities are officially advising them that it is “not proven” – which is also a lie!  This misinformation is killing people in their millions worldwide.  I’m not asking you to believe me just because I state that, I’m asking you to read the evidence then make up your own mind – exactly what the two people quoted above did, in fact.

Then ask yourself: “Why is this officially-approved mass-poisoning of smokers going on?  Why is our tax money being wasted on this bullshit?  Why are we being told untruths… is it deliberate?”

Well, before I did the research for the book, I honestly assumed it was just error.  Maybe, right at the beginning when someone first dreamed up the idea of Nicotine Replacement, it actually was just error.  Somewhere along the line that developed – through a combination of greed, cynicism, twisted logic and political expediency – into an excellent method of:

Appearing to be very pro-active in tackling the smoking issue…

Keeping drug companies very happy indeed (and happy drug companies treat their political helpers very nicely too)…

Making sure the decline in smoking is slowed down as much as possible in reality, by wasting smokers’ time with methods that don’t work BUT not telling them that, so the smokers end up blaming themselves…

Thereby keeping up tobacco tax revenues (not to mention VAT receipts on NRT products bought over the counter) for as long as possible…

AND as a convenient side-benefit, thereby making sure many of those smokers never reach pensionable age, when there are too many people in the U.K. doing that already.

WHY ELSE would they not have scrapped NRT when it became obvious to the Department of Health that Nicotine Replacement Poisoning actually has a long-term failure rate of 94%?  (The other 6% is just willpower, by the way.)

Doubt as a knee-jerk reaction

I guess when you first hear of a book entitled Nicotine: The Drug That Never Was it is quite normal to assume that the writer must have got something fundamentally wrong.  Of course nicotine is a drug – isn’t it?  So why bother reading that?  As the book says: it is easier to go on believing what you have always been told than to recognise the truth you’ve never heard before.

I remember when I published the first edition in October 2007, my wife was expecting it to take off like a rocket and was very excited about it (she was the book’s proofreader), but I said: “No.  This is a slow-burner.”  The drug companies and the medical authorities have got everyone so deeply hypnotised into believing that habitual smoking is an “addiction to nicotine” that proving them wrong is going to take time.  I know that.

But you see, I really don’t care how long it takes.  The book is going to change medical history because it is the first publication ever to conclusively prove the case, and I know that there are enough people out there who are curious, maybe even intrigued by the title to think beyond doubtful assumptions and investigate this for themselves.  These people have been buying the book – or downloading the e-book via the Truth Will Out site – and already some of them are recommending it highly and strongly suggesting that if you have any interest in these matters, you should read it too because it explains exactly how to get rid of the smoking habit easily.

This especially applies to anyone who ever tried NRT because they honestly believed it was a proven method, when in fact it was originally approved only on the basis of its performance at 6 weeks.  Every tobacco smoker who was ever told they were addicted to a ‘drug’ called nicotine, when in fact the poison nicotine possesses no quality that justifies the term ‘drug’.  Every smoker who was ever led to believe that they smoke because of nicotine, and that’s why they can’t stop.  We’re talking hundreds of millions of smokers, worldwide.

That’s a very big market for any nicotine-related quit method, folks.  And that makes the term “nicotine addiction” not only the biggest medical mistake of the 20th Century, but also – every time it is uttered – an advertising slogan.

But not for long!  Because my book proves that the nicotine tale is a lie, and that the propagators of that lie know that they are misleading people.  And they don’t care if that lie ends up killing you – or your Dad, your sister, your best friend or your lover.

But I do.  And I’m not going to let them get away with it.

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2 thoughts on “Rave Reviews for The Book!”

  1. Slowly but surely the world will wake up to realise this sad, but never the less true, fact that It’s easier to quit when you know why you smoke and you don’t smoke for nicotine.
    Stopping our compulsive habit on the other hand can take years to achieve and that is pretty much what we battle with from day 3 onwards. That’s what taps us on the shoulder when we’re drunk or calls at us from the shelves in the newsagent when we’re stressed, it’s nothing to do with nicotine.

    I was long quit when i came across your book and it has systematically provided answers for all those, “if I’m just a nicotine addict why…..etc??” questions.

    Sadly you’ve turned me into someone who now shouts at the tv as smoking cessation “experts” council and apply patches to pregnant women or our happy quitter, who’s missing the hand to mouth routine, is forced to suck on a nicotine laden inhalator rather than a simple lollipop.

    Fingers crossed for a nicotine free future….

  2. Slowly but surely, Johnny! And how do you think I feel, I’ve been shouting at the TV and growling at NRT billboards for the best part of a decade!

    I will bring them down! I will! I will destroy them! And thanks, for your vote of confidence, much appreciated my friend.

    Oh, by the way – anyone who wants their compulsive habit sorting out, just give us a ring. One session – just like I did for the girl from Channel M TV when they challenged me to prove it. (Check the blogpost Channel M Television)

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