Welcome to the Truth Will Out campaign website

The official launch of the Truth Will Out campaign was 6th March 2008, and the aim
of the campaign is to tell UK smokers and UK taxpayers the truth about Nicotine
Replacement Therapy and the dire performance of the NHS Smoking Cessation

Smokers who have used those services have been told lies and
misinformation as a matter of course, encouraging them to choose the NHS route and
actively discouraging them from alternatives which have been proven to perform
better – advice which results in failure for 94% at 1 year follow-up. Meanwhile, NHS
press releases have routinely boasted very short-term ‘success rates’ that bear no
relation to these long-term failures, which are hushed up by the Department of Health.

This website is all about evidence, and the full story is told in Chris Holmes’
revolutionary new book Nicotine: The Drug That Never Was. If you have any
personal interest in these matters, please feel free to survey the samples of evidence
from the book selected for this site, and read extracts from the book itself. You can
decide for yourself whether you reckon 94% failure warrants further precious NHS
resources squandered on nicotine – which is, after all, a poison.

This campaign also refutes the official lies smokers are told about alternative therapies
like hypnotherapy and acupuncture being “unproven”, just to put people off and send
them down the pharmaceutical road instead. Again, read the facts here at your leisure,
and judge for yourself. If you thought the Prozac revelations were shocking, wait
until you find out the truth about Nicotine Replacement Poisoning.

“Hypnosis is the most effective method of stopping smoking” (New Scientist
Magazine, 1992). All the evidence is here.

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