What’s This – Nicotine isn’t a drug?

If your initial reaction to that is disbelief, I wouldn’t be at all surprised. The simple fact that smokers usually find it difficult to stop smoking just with an effort of will forms the basis of the notion that tobacco smoking is a drug addiction, and that idea has been drilled into everyone by the medical authorities for decades.  In fact the same medical authorities were adamant that the idea was quite wrong when it was first suggested, and ironically they were right in the first place!  My book is the first publication to explain clearly that tobacco smoking is in fact a compulsive habit, not a drug addiction – but it will only prove that to those that read it. That’s why I have published some extracts from the book on this site, so you can begin that process just out of idle curiosity – just as you could pick up a book in a shop and have a little read of it, see if you find it interesting.

So if you click on Read The Book, and when the Contents page appears, click on the chapter “Why Nicotine Is Not Even A Drug” you can read more and judge for yourself. You’ll find it all makes perfect sense. Click on other chapters, if you wish – there is a sample of text from each major section of the book. This campaign website is all about nicotine, but the book also tells you all about the Subconscious mind, hypnotherapy, the secrets of stage hypnosis and much more. It also includes enlightening case histories, a stinging attack on the animal experiments using nicotine and the ‘trial’ of Allen Carr. If you find the excerpts on this site interesting and want to read more, you can buy the book from here – either as a paperback, or as an ebook which can be downloaded immediately for only £5 (about $8). All you need is a credit card.

Don’t like buying on-line?

You can order the paperback version from Central Hypnotherapy, Merchants House, 24-25 Market Place, Stockport SK1 1EU. For full details: [email protected]

Finally, if you find that you agree that no more public money should be wasted on the poison nicotine, especially now there is a desperate cash-crisis in the NHS, please help the cause by spreading the word in any way you can. On behalf of smokers everywhere, thank you.

Nicotine: The Drug That Never Was (Volume I: The Biggest Medical Mistake of the 20th Century) is written and published by Chris Holmes. The Paperback version is also available on Amazon, and a number of other on-line booksellers (listed on Amazon) at various prices. The ISBN is 978-0-95568-290-2