Posting Comments on the Site

Although I’ve not had a lot of time to attend to the site since the Truth Will Out Campaign was launched, I did wonder why all the comments I was getting were coming through the Contact Us facility, no-one was apparently posting comments on the site itself. So I tested it, by trying to post a comment to see if something was wrong with the system.

Nothing wrong with the system, I had just completely forgotten that comments have to be moderated at this end before they are posted, to weed out all the spam! I hadn’t even looked at the moderation file – in fact once I’d been shown how to find it, back in March, I completely forgot it existed until today.

So apologies to anyone who posted a comment, this software is new to me! I assure you that any valid comment that is posted will now be moderated almost daily. Do please feel free to post comments about any of this, let’s get some proper debates going, I don’t want this whole site to be my opinion – although it may have seemed that way until now! Have your say: as long as it is valid opinion it will be welcome.

**If the “Leave a Reply” facility is not visible below this post – or any other post in the blog – click on the “No Comments” below.  Obviously some posts will have some comments already, so if it says “40 comments”, click on that and the Reply facility will appear.

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