Champix Chantix Reviews, Reactions, Depression and Side Effects

by Chris Holmes


*Update: If you or a loved one has suffered a bad reaction to Champix and you are based in the U.K., you can report it to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) here. The more people do that the clearer the true picture will become. Protect others! Report it.*

Here are just a few of the other websites and blogs – totally unrelated to this one – where smokers have been reporting their personal experiences with this very unpredictable drug. Smokers have been told that horrific side effects are “very rare”, because that is what doctors and clinicians have been told themselves. These reports tell a very different story so before you take Champix/Chantix, read from all these sites, including mine. Ignore my opinions if you like – I’m pretty skeptical about pharmaceuticals generally, though not entirely of course. But all the comments on this site in the Champix Chantix blog section that come from ordinary smokers are well worth reading because they represent the sum total of all the comments that have come in, I haven’t edited any of it or left anything out.

Then if you compare that with some of these other sites, you see a pattern forming that is really quite terrifying, and look how often these smokers are calling for Champix to be withdrawn or banned, based on their own experience. Smokers were told this drug has a 50% success rate, or at least 44%. It certainly does not, the long-term outcomes may be as low as 14%, or 22% at best. Considering that these bad reactions are often utterly random and impossible to predict or avoid, it’s a hell of a lot to risk for not much chance of long-term success, especially when there are more successful methods of quitting which do not involve any risk at all – hypnotherapy, the Allen Carr books and acupuncture consistently proving the most popular. Personally I have been conducting hypnotherapy sessions for over a decade: it is simply a communication process so it is perfectly safe and very effective. I mention the other two approaches because I know they work more often than Champix does in terms of lasting success, and they are both SAFE. My advice is simply to try the methods that CANNOT harm you before risking anything that could.

Well, don’t take my word for it, just read this stuff for yourself, see what you think. Take care.


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6 thoughts on “Champix Chantix Reviews, Reactions, Depression and Side Effects”

  1. Scarborough North Yorkshire England

    Hi, my husband took Champix for 10 days and has now got both terrible, physical and psychological symptoms. He has tourettes symptoms, he is unable to remember how to do basic core skills, his personality has changed, he is in his words “In a foreign country” and only understands half the language and none of the social rules. He has trouble walking and severe muscle spasms, he has swallowing difficulty, he is constantly tired. He tends to behave as a child, he has short term memory loss. He still believes it is March and has major panic attacks. He has had all the usual tests: nothing for brain damage, tumours, and other related diseases, including a spinal tap which all revealed nothing. He has had a psycological assessment that can see no reason for the changes. It has now been 16 weeks and if you saw my husband you would think he had learning difficulties.

  2. Hi I’ve been using champix for 3 months now and stopped smoking. No truley bad side effects and a lot more effective then the £300 bill I had for hypnosys oh and with this I’ve managed to stop. Just because it’s not good for one dont scare others

  3. Still on the drug, Tracey? Will you give us further feedback later down the line? Good luck with it.

    I keep telling people, don’t pay silly money like that for hypnotherapy, most of us don’t charge anything like that much! It works for about 60% of smokers, whereas Champix works for about 15% when you look at the results at 1 year.

  4. I took Champix from late September 2011 to mid Jauary 2012. I have wit smoking but am having terrible bouts of depression with feelings of worthlessness and suicidal fantasies. My husband also took Champix at the same time and admitted to me that he was feeling depressed too and has been crying for no reason. Spoke to my GP about it but she refuses to link my depression with Champix and says its my hormones (I had my HRT changed about a year ago). I also am suffering from acne. I still think my symptoms are down to the Champix. I just want them to stop. Does anyone out there know if they will?

  5. hey i have been on champix for 14 days & I have strange dreams & i feel worthless sad alone and i have been crying a few times a day this is not me im always happy & bubblery person i have read a few storys about this champix & very worried for who ever else uses it next!!!!

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