Can Champix (Chantix) Cause Seizures/Epilepsy?

by hypnotherapist Chris Holmes

N.B. Please read the comments after this post, as it now transpires that no-one should be prescribed Champix without having a particular gene test FIRST, or it could trigger epilepsy in people with no previous history of epilepsy.


*Update: If you or a loved one has suffered a bad reaction to Champix and you are based in the U.K., you can report it to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) here. The more people do that the clearer the true picture will become. Protect others! Report it.*

Check this out Widow Sues Pfizer

There is a link in that story to the actual lawsuit, and in that there is mention of evidence that Chantix not only triggers suicides, but many other nasty side effects including seizures. Recently I was contacted by a very distressed person who started having severe epileptic fits only two months after starting on the drug, and it has ruined that person’s life.

If anyone else has had seizures or developed epilepsy after taking this drug – or knows of anyone who has – with no previous history of either condition before taking it, please let us know.

The manufacturers of Champix/Chantix, Pfizer, have an impressive criminal record according to this article by Neil Byrne from 2009:

This week Pfizer settled with the Department of Justice for $2.3 billion, the largest health care fraud settlement in the history of the DOJ. It resolved their criminal and civil liability arising from the illegal promotion of certain pharmaceutical products. Pfizer “off labeled” drugs for uses the FDA didn’t previously approve of. $1 billion was allocated to resolve allegations under the civil False Claims Act that Pfizer illegally promoted the drugs Bextra, Geodon an anti-psychotic drug, Zyvox, an antibiotic, and Lyrica, an anti-epileptic drug. What is worse is that Pfizer is a habitual criminal company since they have been found guilty before in a similar case.

Tony West the DOJ Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division was quoted by news releases, “Illegal conduct and fraud by pharmaceutical companies puts the public health at risk, corrupts medical decisions by health care providers, and costs the government billions of dollars”. Perhaps this massive fine will curtail Pfizer to some degree, but they will likely need at least three strikes. We think this is the beginning of more and more lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies for cross labeling, inadequate tests and warnings, and drugs that create suicidal thoughts, and aggressive behavior. Consumers need to fully perform their due diligence before taking drugs which have clear controversial effects. Chantix and Zyban have a new warning that the drug can produce suicidal thoughts and behavior. Do you want to stop smoking or stop life?

Full article here.

If you live in the U.S. and are connected to a Chantix suicide case, this may be helpful to you.

If you just want to stop smoking safely and easily, more info here.

*Update, 27.02.12.  In EVERY SMOKER a gene test is required before Champix can be prescribed to make sure you do not have any genetic mutations that would make Champix trigger seizures.  Failure to do this in each and every smokers is “playing poker with peoples’ lives”.

Samantha Dearnaley has sent in this rather technical update from her own research… note the P.S. at the end:

Hi Chris,
just thought I would send you this:  Mutations in either a4 or b2 subunits can cause autosomal nocturnal epilepsy. There is evidence that
ADNFLE can be due to dysfunction of neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAchR). The responsible mutation was subsequently identified as a missense mutation which replaces a serine into phenylalanine (ser248phe) in the a4 subunit gene (CHRNA4) of the neuronal nAchR. This mutation affects the second transmembrane domain (M2) which has been shown to form the wall of the ion channel. This has been the first, and to date only, mutation described in an idiopathic epilepsy. Mutations in mitochondrial DNA, cystatin B and defects causing abnormal neuronal storage, all resulting in neuronal destruction.
Varenicline an a4b2 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor partial agonist, as you can see it works by binding to the same receptors a4b2. I have got this info from Oxford journals, Human molecular genetics.
Kind Regards
Samantha Dearnaley.
PS. I have had another person got in touch yesterday with similar thing, again after Champix. People who want to take this drug should have a gene test done, to see if they have any mutations before they take it, to stop this happening to other people. Its like playing poker with peoples lives. Would this drug still end up costing the NHS less that NRT if they had to do a gene test on everyone?  I don’t think so.
[Chris says:  Not sure it costs less than NRT anyway, though that may have been the hype.  Latest research from Harvard proves NRT doesn’t work at all in the long run – no better than willpower, anyway – didn’t someone say that years ago, though?  Oh yes, it was ME!  Thanks Harvard!  But they’re still prescribing it, aren’t they?  “Evidence-Based-Medicine”, folks!  Evidence is all that’s required to make it bona fide – any evidence will do – even hard evidence that it doesn’t work at all!]


37 thoughts on “Can Champix (Chantix) Cause Seizures/Epilepsy?”

  1. feel like i want to tell the world my life is in bits after three weeks three days on this drug. I feel totaly unstable i cant think straight to distinguish if people are causing arguments or its just another episode of me being nuts im screaming and shouting at people then i cry for hours i even bought cigaretts but it turns out i dont need them so cant be bothered to smoke them so i know its not because i stoped smoking after two weeks another strange affect is i need too keep drinking the last two days drinking probably up to ten pints of water this drug is bad and needs more research

  2. This came in through the email facility from Brenda:

    Brenda Maw wrote:
    My husband and I stopped smoking with Champix, back in November 2010.
    Unfortunately, our stop smoking specialist did not take into account that my
    hubby had depression and was taking 50mg Sertraline each day. He had also had a
    recent one week course of steroids for a chest infection and a course of
    antibiotics. On 6 December he had his first psychotic episode. It was
    devastating to see my quiet and loving husband turn into an argumentative
    tyrant, refusing to reason and physically threatening me when I took him to

    He had more episodes during December and I began to research Champix, among
    friends and on the internet. I quickly realised that people with a known history
    of depression should not take the drug. We both stopped taking Champix after I
    realised that my husband was having more episodes and his behaviour was getting
    more bizarre. He began to lose huge amounts of short term memory and our GP
    refused to let him drive.

    I cried for him on Christmas Day. He was so sad and his speech was slurred and
    incoherent. On Boxing Day he refused to believe he had experienced such
    feelings, so I filmed one of his episodes. He was distraught when he saw how
    angry, irrational and unpleasant he was. He cried when he became aware of the
    stress this placed on me.

    Further psychotic episodes occured in January and our GP referred my hubby to a
    Neurologist. By February I became increasingly fraught with the snailpace of the
    NHS, so I demanded a mental health assessment be made. Hubby has finally been
    allocated an appointment with a psychiatrist.

    His symptoms have now subsided and it has been over 3 weeks since his last
    episode. Yes, we are both smoking. It would have been impossible to endure the
    last 3 months battling with this confusing illness without going cold turkey.

    I have no idea what the immediate future will bring, but, I would never
    recommend Champix…. particularly if there is any history (past or present) of

  3. I started taking Chantix in November 2008. I was only on them for 7 days and started having seizures. I have never had seizures in my life and to this day, I am still having them after taking Chantix. I am having problems finding someone that will take my case because I have not had an injury due to the seizures, but I feel that my life is ruined because now they are so bad, I am not able to drive or work. At first I was told Chantix didn’t cause it but that is the only thing that I had done differently. I was also told that I could have seizures for the rest of my life. Any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Donna, I, too have never had seizures and this morning I had my first seizure after only 5 days on Chantix. Needless to say, I did not take day 6.

  5. hi everyone, i took champix in 2008 and have had epilepsy ever since. i too have had my life ruined by this drug. I have given research that has been verified as good, to the goverment. The only way to fight them is to get the drug taken off the market, that is what i have been trying to do for the last 9 months. Please all you people who have suffered seizures from this drug please get in touch, i can help you get answers that you need.

    1. Samantha my husband started having night seizures after two weeks of being on chantix….never had a seizure before in his life until then! I called Pfizer and reported it and they told me that it might be nightmares….I’m not stupid! He’s body would tense up and he would shake and he had no idea what had happened when I woke him up! He stopped taking it two days ago once I called the company and I’m going to make him a doctors appointment to check him out but I’m not sure what else to do about this! It has effected him in so many ways and something needs to be done to stop this! Any info you have would be great! I’m with you..this drug needs to be stopped!

  6. I started taking Chantix in approximately August of 2007, along with my then husband. No history of depression or any mental illness prior, nor do I take any other prescription drugs – holistic approach preferred. He and I were taking the same dose despite the fact that he was close to double my weight (220 lbs versus my 110 lbs!). While he experienced zero side effects, I became *extremely* anxious and hyperactive – so much so that people would ask me if I was doing okay. After about 2.5 weeks of this hyper energy (almost like a hypermania phase, maybe?), I went to bed one night and recalled letting my body relax for the first time in 2 weeks – at this point, I started having extreme chest pain. I thought I was seriously having a heart attack which, at 27 and in great physical shape, seemed odd, to say the least. It was at that point that I threw the remainder of my prescription away and bought a pack of cigarettes. Even though I knew throughout those 2.5 weeks that something wasn’t right with my mind and physical body, and even knew it was caused by the Chantix, I figured it was worth a few weeks of anxiety in order to quit smoking and improve my health. Besides, my then husband was just fine and was able to quit without side effects. But never in a million years did I think those side effects would last beyond my last pill.

    Flash forward to February of 2009, which is when I had my first “seizure”. (Non diagnosed as a seizure at this point, but now I know better and will be following up medically, as the episodes continue). In between August 2007 and February 2009, I separated from my husband and my life did a complete 180, so I was running on adrenaline at that point. Some dizzy spells during that time period, though – I actually ran into walls quite a bit. And my memory was affected, too – this was apparent in my speech, which was almost broken in some instances – I struggled to find words, even though they were there, I just couldn’t make the connection – this was NEVER an issue for me beforehand. Back to the first seizure – I went into the ER and described sort of a “tunnel-vision” or “hyper-focus” prior to the fainting. Even experienced this eerie deja-vu like feeling. They tested all vitals and told me to schedule a follow up appt with my doctor, which I did. Doctor thought it was anxiety attacks and prescribed Xanax to combat them, which I didn’t take but only a few pills. (I knew these weren’t anxiety attacks – they didn’t start with my heart racing, but rather in my head, if that makes sense). More “fainting spells” or seizures followed so I started doing research on my symptoms and came up with seizures as a potential cause. Went back to the doc, and he referred me to a neurologist. I never did see the neurologist because I couldn’t afford to have my license yanked if they did in fact diagnose these as seizures.

    I continue to have these seizure like episodes every couple of months, and I believe my memory HAS been permanently affected. I also struggle with light depression, and socially I’ve developed some anxiety and paranoia – no trust in others, period. I’m a different person since taking Chantix, that’s for sure.

    Up until now, I’ve been thinking all of my symptoms (less the physical episodes) were just caused by the intense events surrounding my divorce (best friend and husband had a long term affair, hence an explanation for the trust issues and anxiety). I’ve thought that if I heal from the divorce, all of this would go away and I’d start enjoying life again! But I’ve done as much work as I can on the emotional healing, and still find myself struggling.

    I’m very interested in receiving additional information on the matter, and I do plan to revisit my doctor for another neurologist referral.

    Chris – Can you please put me in touch with Samantha Dernaley? It sounds identical to my situation. Thank you.

    And I hope others find this blog because they need to be forewarned about these potential side effects beyond nausea!!

  7. address: 12402 high valley lane
    Charlotte, NC 28269

    After 18 days of taking Chantix I had a major seizure, my family thought I had another one at the hosptial, then the hospital documented another one around 5 AM. My confulsions were so violent from the twisting I actually didn’t recover physically for over 4 months. I too could never get an attorney to take my case as I didn’t fall down a set of stairs or die in a car wreck while having my seizures. I know that in the US Pilots are not allowed to take the drug nor are federal train conductors so this problem has been well hidden for a very long time. Please send me any info if any atty is willing to listen to us seizure patients. [email protected]. Justice Briand

  8. I’m an epileptic and I took champix. I got though week one just fine. It was week two that was the worst part for me. I had a fit about twenty minutes after I had the pill. I stopped taking my epilepsy meds cause I didn’t know what it would do. I got treated like an idiot by the paramedics and I think its pathetic that the doctors say its fine for you to take it. Knowing that it hasn’t been tested on epileptics.

    I’m now smoking again. I’m starting to remember what happened. I had my fit last week, monday morning about 6:50am (australian time).

    I’m not sure if you can see my email but if anyone wants to email me, my email is: [email protected]

    Take care 🙂

  9. This message came in by email. Can’t help thinking that body temperature rising to near-critical levels could certainly have triggered a seizure in some people, couldn’t it?

    Jo wrote:
    I’m from Australia, been a smoker since 8 years old, now 50. Have given up cold turkey before but went back onto the ciggies after 4 years. Had heard good things about this drug and friends had tried it so decided to give it a go. What a mistake!

    At first I just felt sick, diarohhea, very thirsty and could barely stay awake. By the 10th day I had started to get flu like symptoms – uncontrollable shivering, joint pain, muscle aches however no respiratory distress. My throat
    was sore and so was the inside of my nose. I had the worst sinus headaches ever in my life. By day 14 I could barely open my eyes in the morning and they were like puffy slits. The headache I had behind the eyes was excruciating and I could not move my eyes but had to swivel my whole body around to look at someone. [SCARY, EH? – ED.]

    I had zero motivation, was teary & emotional, all I wanted to do was sleep. I feel all spacy. I had no appetite (its now Tuesday and I haven’t eaten barely a thing since Saturday). On day 15 when I couldn’t go to work I
    took myself off to the doctors who advised that I had a temperature of 38.5 – half a degree more and it would have been hospital for me. I did not have vivid dreams but I couldn’t sleep, I was not motivated to do anything! I was still smoking at day 13 so it could not have been nicotine withdrawal like the drug company suggests. In fact I strongly dispute that nicotine withdrawal EVER made me feel like this. Just wanted to curl up and die!!!! I think this is the worst drug ever and I will never ever touch it again. I would rather drop dead from smoking than go through that again.

    Next time I’ll do it the good old fashioned way – via Willpower. Good luck to those that try this evil little blue pill and be warned.


    Jo wrote:
    PS: Two days after stopping the pills I’m feeling so much better. My GP was dubious about whether it was Champix doing this but I am convinced it was – they are mind altering drugs so what do people really think they’re not affecting their minds?!!??! You’ve got to be out of your mind if you think they aren’t! I still feel a bit spacey; and am a bit shaky but put this down to not eaating for the past 3 days. The appetite feels like its coming back slowly.



    Glad you’re feeling better Jo. Why not try hypnotherapy? Much easier than willpower! And it’s SAFE.

  10. Hello Chris, If you could give me the contact information for #4 Crystal and #5 Samantha Dearnaley, I would like to contact them about their seizures. I am trying to get a lawyer to take my case and I would love to get them on board. I just received an email tonight from Erin Brockovich herself saying that she will do some research herself and let me know. Anyone else interested, please contact me at [email protected]

  11. Hi Donna,

    I’ve sent those by email, please let me know if they go astray.

    The BBC researcher who was doing an expose on Champix has now informed me it has been shelved for the time being. What a shock. The BBC are absolutely pathetic when it comes to anything remotely controversial. They’ll do an expose on Champix when absolutely everybody already knows about it and no-one would touch it with a barge pole.

    Only makes me more determined.

  12. My son took Chantix for a month or two and just weeks later had a fall while snow boarding. Within 30 minutes he began having seizures that were totally unexplainable by the doctors. They said a head injury normally does not cause the kind of seizures he was having. He could not breath on his own the first 24 hours and if his friends had not gotten him to the hospital immediately he would have died. The doctors said he would most likely be a vegetable.
    It’s been a year and a half and he seems normal now but still has the seizures if he goes off the medicine.
    My question is could he have fallen while skiing because he had a seizure or did the fall cause the seizures and what role does Chantix play in this equation?
    I heard there is no class action suit.
    is that true?
    thanks for any help.

  13. Hi there. My father and two sisters took champix with very severe side effects. First my 32 year old sister suffered agonising stomach pains to the point that doctors removed her gallbladder. My other sister was taken to hospital with appendicitis and only last week, my father had two grand mal seizures within a few hours of each other. The hospital told him to keep taking the champix! His speech was slurred and he couldn’t walk for days due to what he thought was aches from the seizures. Only now that he had the cop on to suspect the champix is he starting too feel better. Our big worry is that he now has epilepsy. Why is the health services keeping such a tight lid on what is obviously a lethal drug? Ericas omeara from Ireland. [email protected]

  14. Hi Chris could you please put me in touch with Donna as I would like to discuss with her Nicks seizurses and get this drug stopped from ruining anyone elses lives

  15. My brother Started taking Chantix in August.Hw took it for nine days and he started having seizures He was put in the hospital and he thought he would be OK if he just quiot the drug ,he kept having seizures.Now they have got him on medicine for Eplipsy & a nerve pill.He is continueing to get worse. Is there any treatment for the problems that this drug caused?

  16. I’ve been taking Epilim 500mg for epilepsy for the past 30 years – the last time I had a grand mal fit was 20 years ago. Then in November 2011 I started to take the full 2mg dose of Champix a day and was advised to take it for 12 weeks. Apart from experiencing the horrendous sickness and nausea almost immediately and suffering horrible joint pains and bad dreams – by the 10th week and on Monday 30 January 2012 I had a grand mal epileptic fit at work – something I have not experienced for 20 years! Champix is the only thing that I have done differently. I questioned my doctor about it and all he could say was that there is nothing listed in the UK medical books that says Champix isn’t good for epileptics to take. I told him to just google it and he would find plenty negative feedback.

    I’m now left in a position where I have had to come off the champix instantly (without weaning) after taking it for 10 weeks. My state of mind has been that of one minute wanting to kill myself and the next minute wanting to just shout and scream. I’ve been off the champix for 7 days now and I am still not feeling any better. Someone has got to do something about getting this drug off the market.

  17. Please can you put me in touch with Rodney i would like to know more about his brother. I have been back in touch with MHRA about champix causing epilepsy. I have had to write a report for them, on why this drug is causing epilepsy. It is all to do with genectics, if you have mutations in certain genes, champix can trigger epilepsy, and other nervous system disorders. If anyone takes this pill you need to have a test done first to see if you are going to have a problem from it. They do these sort of test if you are taking anti cancer drugs, so they know who is going to react or not.

  18. Sure Samantha, details sent by email today. This is, I’ve sent him your email address along with a brief explanation. Best of luck with all your efforts.

  19. On the 15/02/2012 I experienced a seizure. At the time I was in to my second week of Champix and also taking Efexor 75mg. I had childhood Epilepsy but have been seizure and drug free for Epilepsy for over 24 years. Today I received excellent news that my EEG was clear of Epileptic activity. The only other reasonable explaination is the cocktail of medication I had been prescribed by my doctor. I have had to go cold turkey off all medication which has not been a pleasanr experience either. Please if you are trying to give up smoking do not take Champix.

  20. This one came in by email:

    Phyllis wrote:

    “I began taking Chantix the first week of January 2012. On February 24, 2012, I began to have seizures for the first time in my life. Im a 45 year old healthy woman. My MRI came back good, my blood work came back good, and the EEG came back good. I have been put on some seizure medicine . The seizures have decreased in number and length of seizure time but I still have had a few. I am concerned the seizures are related to Chantix as this is the only change in my life and the blogs I have read are similar to my case. I just want my life back.”

    So I asked if it was ok to post the comments here, and also if this reaction had been reported by her doctor through the official channels, so it could be taken into account, as it should certainly be. Phyllis replied:

    “Yes. Please post. Also my doctor did not report that it was related to chantix. In fact all 3 doctors I have seen so far says there is no relation between seizures and medicine. I’m seeing my 3rd neurologist soon but this time I will demand they write report. Thank you.”

    So: how many more cases are there out there? Clearly the doctors are clueless about this, but they are unwittingly helping Pfizer to get away with it by not reporting this as a reaction to Chantix, which means more innocent victims will be created in exactly the same way. Wake up, Doc.

  21. Latest (from Samantha):

    It has now transpired that NO-ONE should take Champix without have a gene test first, to establish whether they have a genetic pre-disposition to the drug triggering nocturnal frontal lobe epilepsy type 1.

    This information has been supplied to us by Samantha who has been researching this connection ever since Champix did this to her. Here’s the “science bit”:

    “Champix is causing problems in the brain. Many drugs and poisons are enzyme inhibitors, varenicline is an enzyme inhibitor.
    Inhibitors (molecules that decrease enzyme activity)
    Activators (molecules that increase activity)
    Both RDA and DNA are nucleic acids, which are base pairs nucleotides as a complementary language
    that can be converted back and forth from DNA to RDA by action of the correct enzymes.
    A DNA sequence is read by an RNA polymerase, which produces a complementary, antiparallel RDA
    strand. As opposed to DNA replication.
    In enzymatic reactions, the molecules at the beginning of the process, called substrates, are converted into different molecules, called products.
    Almost all chemical reactions in a biological cell need enzymes in order to occur. The set of enzymes made in a cell determines which metabolic pathways occur in cell.
    Metabolic pathways are series of chemical reactions occuring within a cell. In each pathway, a principal chemical is modified by a series of chemical reactions, enzymes catalyze these reactions,
    and often require dietary minerals, vitamins, and other cofactors in order to function properly.
    This is why it is like playing poker, with peoples lives. If you have a mutation gene, or a vitamin deficiency, it can make champix not work how it should, interferes with transcription of the gene,
    resulting in a deficiency of the protein encoded in that gene. Once brain cells die you don t make them again. This is why people need to have a gene test done before they take this tablet, because without one, you would not know who is going to effect and who it is not. Since taking this drug i have got sleep epilepsy, heart problems, sjogrens, and have vitamin d deficiency, all of which to my knowledge i did not have before i took champix.

    Kind Regards

    PS. have a look at this book, Drug Induced Diseases, by James E Tisdale, varenicline is in there.”

  22. I am on week 3 of champixi live in Seaforth Sydney
    Today I had 2 mild fits I also have had chest pain
    And was taken to hospital 2 nights ago.
    First weeks of taking champix no problems but
    Week two came the nausea chest pain and seizure
    I have never ever had seizures before
    I am now stopping the champix as I do have a history
    Of depression and have been getting sucidal thoughts.
    I really want to stop smoking but champix is causing
    Me to have seizures which were scary.
    If any one has gone through similar in Sydney
    Please email [email protected]
    29 th sept 2012

  23. I live in the states and started taking chantix in 2009. Two weeks in, I had a seizure so violent it fractured my humerus in half in 2 place and shattered the ball joint in my shoulder into 15 pieces. Needless to say, after replacement surgery and a year of physical therapy, I am left with an arm the doesn’t function, and a severely diminished quality of life. My neurologist and orthopedic surgeon both told me that my seizure was related to chantix. My injury was so severe that they have made a medical case study out of it here in the states for medical students. I unfortunately can’t lift my arm above
    My nipple, can no longer lift weights, change a lightbulb, play sports, hold a baby, or put on deodorant without serious contortion. I’ve never had a seizure before or after (thank god) but I’m angry about phizer’s failure to warn me about this. Couple that with the fact that they paid a couple billion in fines for falsifying clinical trial data, and I believe they are absolutely culpable.

  24. Please everybody, in the UK who have had seizures triggered by Champix, please get in touch with me ASAP. I can help,
    i am on Facebook where I have started a petiton about “profit before health”. I need 100,000 signatures to take it to the House of Lords. I know that this does not mention Champix directly but if you look up my story in the Burnley Express, it explains why we have to go about it this way. I have a solicitor who is willing to help all of us who have suffered from this drug. I also have the help of Lib Dems M.P. Gordon Birtwistle, and there are other Lib Dem Mps who are helping in their areas. Please get in touch with your local papers, and local Lib Dem, MP and tell them to get info from Gordon about how we can fight Pfizer for ruining our lives. I have also reported Pfizer to the pharmaceutical UK for breaching code of conduct, they are dealing with it as we speak. Also if we all get together we can apply to the European Court of Human Rights for no warning of side effects regarding seizures. The only way is strength in numbers. Please, I have had legal advice and government advice, and this will work.
    For the people in the USA, there is a class action going on at the moment in Ontorio, four people suing Pfizer for $150 million dollors, for no warning of side-effects. Also I have been in touch with Erin Brocovich, she may be able to help you people in US. But also I am in touch with Bill James, if you look him up, he is telling peoples’ stories by doing a video link through skype on to a new website called Rxisk, also Dr David Healy, who is the person who set up Rxisk, he is in the UK. He has set it up for a alternative to reporting side-effects to the MHRA,and FDA, as even though these are government-run bodies, they are funded by the pharmacutical companies! That make the drugs that people are reporting side-effects about. This is a biased system, as these bodies would not be able to operate without funding so would not want to bite the hand that feeds them by admitting that the fourth biggest cost to our NHS now comes from people having side-effects to precribed drugs. If you report your side-effects to a public body that has no dealings with drug companies, common sense would suggest you are more likely to get a true, non-biased opinion, on whether the drug is causing problems. Please people please: look me up on facebook, let’s get justice, and prevent this happening in the future.

  25. My son had never had siezures before. In 2007 he took Chantix. He was at a friends house and had a grandmal siezure. Since then he has had 8 siezures all being grandmals. His life has forever changed as he never knows when he may have another siezure. This year he had 3 in one month. His friends told him to do research on Chantix and we believe this may have been the trigger. We would like to know who to contact to have this reviewed as the cause. From what I have read I believe Chantix is the cause.

  26. my son has a history of epilepsy with grand mal seizures. he had been stable for years. REcently he wanted to give up smoking and was prescribed champix. into week three he had a grand mal seizure, and was found hours later still fitting. estimates are approx five hours. it is now four days later and he is stil confused, and feeling lost. His doctor doesnt think champix caused this but there are no other risk factors. i read the information the doctor had and there were no side effects listed, certainly not the long list available in britain.

  27. my spouse and I started Champix on August 5, 2012. We decided to stop after 10.5 weeks. During that time we had many of the listed side effects, but nothing serious or scary enough to make us stop taking Champix. We have both successfully been smoke free now for three months.
    However, the worst side effects started when we stopped taking Champix. Light headed, dizzy, short term memory loss. Sometimes it feels as though we’re feeling an earth termor, but worst of all is a constant ringing or buzzing sound in my head. We are both having the same side effects and we are curious to know if anyone else is experiencing the constant ringing and buzzing.

  28. I am so glad I read this… Chantix did work for my husband who has been smoke free for six years now, but suffers from COPD.. He is one of the few people I know of that didnt suffer any side effects

  29. I used to champix from June to September 2012 then I have been feeling my brain tight, neuropathic pain, headache, numbness, in November 2012.I went to my country for check up, My MR is Ok, My blood is OK. I used to Cymbalta for this, I feel little bit well but Cymbalta gives me to much weight:(I want to my life back. I was really healthy person. Please help me.

  30. My husband ended up with nocturnal epilepsy after taking champix back in 2008. He stopped taking it and the seizures have continued. He started taking the champix again because numerous drs have said that wasnt the problem. He has been back on it for nine days and had one of his worst seizures to date the other day resulting in him falling down a flight of stairs and getting very injured. And another 10 minutes after and then another the next day. His meds have not changed other than the champix. Any help would be great. [email protected]

  31. My husband started taking Champix in October 2013. End of November he had his first seizure. He was hurt and had to be admitted to hospital. Three weeks ago he had a seizure while driving and ended up in ICU. He is 39 years old and never had a seizure in his life. I will never touch Champix and will tell anyone who wants to take it to never, ever take even one pill. My husband is on epilepsy medicine for the rest of his life and he is not permitted to drive now.

  32. I wish I had of research the drug before using it back in July 2009. I used Champix for 14 days on the 14th day I woke up not wanting a smoke.
    I didn’t suffer from any side affects like those of above only that I had more energy I went without a cigarette for 4-5 months and felt good.
    But I had my first major seizure in September 2010 in the shower and another in the ambulance still to this day I can’t remember what happened that night.
    doctors & specialists don’t know what to say
    So a warning for anyone wanting to try drug read these stories first and know what your getting yourself into, Before September 2010 I lived a seizure free healthy &fit

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