Progress Report, Day 119

This being the 119th day of the Truth Will Out Campaign, I thought an update was in order! Interest is certainly growing fast, although I have had virtually no spare time to promote the Campaign (over the last six weeks, anyway) apart from writing the posts. The fact is, I don’t need to! Already, the Campaign is growing organically without any further promotion from me, because other people are promoting it. All over the world, people I have never met find themselves in agreement with the aims of the Campaign, and as a result, word is spreading – as indeed it will, because truth will out, as the bard said.

The website has a wonderful Statistics Package built into it, from which we can tell all sorts of things. Right from the beginning, the majority of visitors have been from the United States. However, more and more people from the following countries are now repeatedly visiting the site: Canada, Australia, The Philippines, Spain, Taiwan and France all showing particular interest, as well as the UK of course. There are visitors from many other countries as well, but still only small numbers so far.

Since the launch date 6th March 2008, we know that there have been 1820 unique visitors to the site, clocking up a total of 2447 visits so far – an average of 144 visits for every week of the Campaign already. A total of 9,209 pages of the site have been viewed, an average of 5 per visitor, or 3.7 per visit, which shows that people are showing a real interest in the Truth Will Out site.

Not only that, more and more people are actively supporting the Campaign by directing other people to the site.  Soon we will create a links page on Truth Will Out, linking back to those sites, and any others that wish to add their support – although we will of course vet them all, to make sure they have some genuine association with the main concerns of the Campaign. It’s still early days, but thisshould end up being a very large association of like-minded people, all sharing information and helping one another. Together, we will get rid of Nicotine Replacement Poisoning, by destroying the Nicotine Myth. Enlightenment brings change, inevitably.

69,700 clicks on this website so far, in only 17 weeks. That’s 4,100 for every week of the campaign so far, and this is going to snowball. Feel free to link to the site any time, if you have an interest in these matters! We will return the compliment soon, providing that is appropriate. We’ve made a great start – now just imagine how much active support there will 119 days after this postdate.  Together we are destroying the Nicotine Myth, right here, right now. We are changing medical history – just like I predicted in the book. So spread the word: Truth Will Out! You know it makes sense!

*ALSO: Please feel free to post comments on the site regarding any of these posts, the site or the aims of the Campaign! We know you’re reading it – add your voice! Already we have some interesting comments about Champix (Chantix), feel free to register agreement or disagreement regarding anything on the site. For more information about hypnotherapy, visit the Central Hypnotherapy website.

Posting Comments on the Site

Although I’ve not had a lot of time to attend to the site since the Truth Will Out Campaign was launched, I did wonder why all the comments I was getting were coming through the Contact Us facility, no-one was apparently posting comments on the site itself. So I tested it, by trying to post a comment to see if something was wrong with the system.

Nothing wrong with the system, I had just completely forgotten that comments have to be moderated at this end before they are posted, to weed out all the spam! I hadn’t even looked at the moderation file – in fact once I’d been shown how to find it, back in March, I completely forgot it existed until today.

So apologies to anyone who posted a comment, this software is new to me! I assure you that any valid comment that is posted will now be moderated almost daily. Do please feel free to post comments about any of this, let’s get some proper debates going, I don’t want this whole site to be my opinion – although it may have seemed that way until now! Have your say: as long as it is valid opinion it will be welcome.

**If the “Leave a Reply” facility is not visible below this post – or any other post in the blog – click on the “No Comments” below.  Obviously some posts will have some comments already, so if it says “40 comments”, click on that and the Reply facility will appear.

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Pharma Skeptics

by Chris Holmes

Support continues to pour in daily:

“Have seen the website and it’s great! We were wondering if we could include it in our newsletter website of the month feature? It is very much in line with our thinking… We will also link your site to ours as it’s the sort of information we want potential clients to see.”

“Hi Chris! As a group of hypnotherapists/stress managers with great success supporting clients to stop smoking we can support your comments totally. On a personal note I totally agree about the drug addicted medical profession – what about statins??? Another example of ‘managing a condition’ which in my opinion is not there… Well done! I’ll be informing our members.”

There’s a movement growing, folks. A generally Pharma Skeptic movement, and it is really a result of colossal over-medication which is fast becoming a global phenomenon. It is not restricted to the over-prescribing of medications any more, now you can buy just about anything from internet pharmacies and have it shipped by post from Canada, from the U.S. and many other places – and the marketing, Jesus! I get emails every day, offering me hydrocodone, Xanax, Valium… all without prescription. In case you don’t know, hydrocodone is a very powerful synthetic opiate quite similar to heroin.

But it’s the Viagra and Cialis that are really being pushed, and I heard on the radio this morning that in the United States, medications are advertised on television!  This is an idea that seems incredible here in the U.K.  They played a soundtrack of people singing “Viva Viagra!” to the tune of “Viva Las Vegas”, which had me gaping. Quite apart from the fact that this is blatant drug-pushing, how symptomatic of American cultural decline is that? Once they had Elvis belting out that tune, a symbol of virility so potent he could only be shown on television from the waist up. Now it has degenerated into a song about erectile dysfunction!

A pill for every ill? No pill is gonna put that right, America. There’s no pill to give you back your soul. You have to search for that, and it’s not in the medicine cabinet, it’s not in the fucking internet pharmacy. Pills suck. Look what they did to Elvis.

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Site Launch!

This campaign is not attacking the medical profession. It is attacking the cosy collusion between medical authorities, the pharmaceutical industry and also the Department of Health, because they are all actively promoting methods that fail the vast majority of smokers, misrepresenting the facts and telling lies about alternative methods like hypnotherapy and acupuncture – all of which is costing lives and wasting resources.

by Chris Holmes

Well now, this should be interesting. It’s not every day a humble therapist takes on the pharmaceutical industry, the Department of Health, the B.M.A. and the Royal College of Physicians… but it has got to be done.

The book was the first step: that had to be written and published initially so that anyone in the world could get hold of a copy and assess the evidence for themselves. I couldn’t just come out and say: “Actually, the whole basis for Nicotine Replacement is false, which explains its abject failure!” …because nobody would have listened. Everyone would assume that it must have been properly tested, surely, in well-designed scientific trials?

Then again, you could just ask yourself: “Who has any faith in nicotine gum these days, really?” And of course, we now know that clinical trials ain’t what they used to be, and the whole process of getting products approved as medicines has been hijacked by the drug companies, who now run all the clinical trials themselves and tend to be very selective about the ‘evidence’ they present to approval bodies.

I challenge anyone – anyone with an open mind, that is – to read the evidence on this site and tell me they are quite happy to have their tax money squandered on the poison nicotine for a few more years. The Department of Health has got the NHS Stop Smoking Services proclaiming ‘success rates’ that bear no relation to the real, long term outcomes – and they know it! They just don’t want the public to know it.

I am quite sure there will be many people working in the healthcare system who will be in full agreement that precious NHS resources should not be wasted on a poison posing as a medication, just because the manufacturers managed to swing it in such a way that the very short-term results were passed off as the real results. That’s bogus, and if you turn a blind eye to things like that, you can hardly be surprised when you later see embarrassing headlines like the ones posted on this site (see Trust me, I’m a Doctor). And if you find yourself doubting that nicotine products could possibly have won approval in that way, you really should read the Daily Mail article there by leading psychiatrist Professor David Healy from February 2007, which is reproduced in that section of the site. In fact everyone should read that, before they allow their doctor to precribe them any new “wonder drug”.

This campaign is not attacking the medical profession. It is attacking the cosy collusion between medical authorities, the pharmaceutical industry and also the Department of Health, because they are all actively promoting methods that fail the vast majority of smokers, misrepresenting the facts and telling lies about alternative methods like hypnotherapy and acupuncture – all of which is costing lives and wasting resources. And all because they don’t want to admit they were wrong, which is a pretty pathetic reason to carry on like that. Or to maintain the status quo because it suits all three parties, which is worse, since it maintains at enormous human cost.

So if you find yourself in agreement with the Truth Will Out Campaign, please help by spreading the word in any way you can! This Campaign is opposed to any kind of violence, intimidation or criminal damage in pursuit of its aims – this is an information war, challenging misinformation and the covering-up of failure on a massive scale. On behalf of smokers everywhere, we welcome all genuine assistance in spreading the word! The Truth Will Out!

the book that blew the whistle on the nicotine scam

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